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Valerian This remedy cures many nervous and hysterical phenomena in excitable women and children, and the complaints of the hypochondriac. Great nervous excitability, exaltation, hysterical contractures, trembling, palpitation, sense of levitation, paroxysmal respiration, stitching pains, tension in the limbs, jerking, twitching, globus hystericus. Sensation of something warm rising from the stomach, causing paroxysmal suffocation. All… Continue reading Valerian

james tyler kent · materia medica


Theridion Hysterical sensitivity with extreme aggravation from noise, motion and exertion marks this remedy as unique. The pains are aggravated from noise, and motion, and the nerves are in such a state of sensitivity that a painful thrill passes over the body in waves and nausea follows. Nausea from noise is strikingly strange. It cures… Continue reading Theridion

james tyler kent · materia medica


Spigelia-Anthelmintica Spigelia is especially known by its pains. It is indicated in persons who are debilitated from taking cold and who have become rheumatic, run down, victims of pain. Hardly a nerve in the body escapes; shooting, burning, tearing, neuralgic pains; they are most marked about the eyes and jaws, neck, face, teeth, shoulders, burning… Continue reading Spigelia-Anthelmintica