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Rhododendron This is a very useful remedy in gouty patients who suffer from rheumatic pains, sometimes wandering from joint to joint, aggravated during rest, aggravated before and during storms, aggravated in cold, wet weather and ameliorated from warm wrapping. These pains may be in the head or the limbs. It is a great palliative in… Continue reading Rhododendron

james tyler kent · materia medica


Pyrogen The potencies prepared from Heath's 3d of decomposed beef have been used by the author for many years against all forms of septic fever and sequels, when the symptoms agree. Violent chill intermingled with heat and sweat, or dry heat with marked aching in the limbs; restlessness, > by motion and heat. The sore… Continue reading Pyrogen

james tyler kent · materia medica


Natrum-Sulphuricum This is one of our most frequently indicated constitutional remedies. The symptoms appear in the morning, evening and during the night, especially before midnight. Some symptoms are better after breakfast, during the daytime and after midnight, except the sweat. It is a very useful remedy for complaints following neglected gonorrhoea. The symptoms and the… Continue reading Natrum-Sulphuricum